Not Even My Name

By Thea Halo


This biography is a rare eyewitness account of the horrors of a little-known, often denied genocide, in which hundereds of thousands of Armenian and Pontic Greek minorities in Turkey were killed during and after World War 1.

Year of Publication


"In telling her mother's epic story of survival and ultimate triumph in America, Thea Halo has written an important book about a largely unknown history: the genocide of the Pontic Greeks at the hands of the Turkish government in the years following World War I. Thea Halo's deeply moving portrait of her mother reverberates with large moral issues that affect us all."--Peter Balakian, author of "Black Dog of Fate"<br><br>"As written by her daughter, Thea, Sano's harrowing account of the destruction of her family and her world is told with such vivid detail that every page sears the mind and heart . . . A work of burning intensity, self-evidently powerful and true."--Nicholas Gage, author of "Eleni"<br><br>"Deeply moving . . . It is impossible to read the story of this woman's life without marveling at the strength of her spirit."--"The Washington Post Book World"<br><br>"A story of personal strength and the great triumph of mere survival."--"The New York Times"<br><br>"Thea Halo tells this sad story with simple grace."--"U.S. News & World Report "<br><br>"An unforgettable book."--"Booklist "(starred review)<br><br>"Sano Halo's tale is devoid of pretense, literary or historical, and it is all the stronger for it."--Michael Doran, "Washington Post Book World"""<br>

Author Biography

Thea Halo is a writer and painter who has won awards for her poetry and essays, and has exhibited her paintings in galleries in New York City and elsewhere. She lives in New York City. <br>Sano "Themia" Halo is a recipient of the New York State Governor's Award for Excellence in Honor of Women's History Month, "Celebrating Women of Courage and Wisdom." <br>