By Andrew Crumey


An eighteenth-century prince devotes his entire wealth and the energy of his subjects to the creation of Rreinnstadt, a fantastic city that exists only on paper and in the minds of its creators. Among Rreinnstadt's fictional inhabitants is Pfitz, a count's loyal servant who mysteriously disappears one night from a tavern. Andrew Crumey's exploration of the rich territory between reality and fantasy reveals a genuine affection for character and the terrain of the human heart.

Year of Publication


Scotland’s most European novelist creates an intricate and ingenious puzzle-box in Pfitz, where an insane but ingenuous Prince devotes his entire country and its wealth to the creation of Rreinnstadt, a city which exists only on paper. Towards the city meander Pfitz and his master, discussing the nature of reality en route. Crumey is Scotland’s equivalent of Borges and Calvino and Perec. -- Stuart Kelly