Tales from the Mall

By Ewan Morrison


Fashion. Food Courts. Lingerie. Fire Bombing. Suicide. Free Parking. Welcome to the Mall.

Why would one woman threaten to kill another for a pair of discounted shoes? Why are cross-dressers drawn to mall car parks? What do impulse buys have to do with rioting? And why are market research companies hiding the truth from us?

From one of the UK’s most acclaimed literary and media talents, Tales from the Mall, is a mash-up of fiction, essays and true stories, that tells the rise of the most iconic symbol of our modern age – the shopping mall. From over a hundred interviews and confessions, Morrison re-tells the true-life tales of those who work, shop and even find love inside their walls.

With wry wit, insight and compassion, Morrison uncovers the secrets of retail heaven and hell, to reveal how malls manipulate our emotions in cleverly calculated ways, how they are an ideal space to meet a new lover – or to kill yourself – and how they are taking over the world.

Year of Publication


Part fiction, part reportage, part autobiography, part non-fictional survey: Morrison’s book is a splendid melange with a steely eye fixed on one thing: contemporary capitalism. Published in an innovative manner, with films online and extras elsewhere, the reader is conducted around the mall by the most mercurial of narrators and asked again and again – “What price do we pay for all this?” -- Stuart Kelly