The Brockenspectre

By Linda Newbery, Pam Smy (Illus)


Tomas wants to be like his father - strong, brave and fearless. He has taught Tomas to love the mountains, but also to fear their dangers - the winds and blizzards, the treacherous paths, the giddying slopes. When Pappi goes out one day and fails to return, Tomas knows it's up to him to search - up on the high mountain passes, where dangers await.

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"The narrative has a classic, fable-esque quality which is complimented by Pam Smy's beautiful and atmospheric line drawings. Readers, young and old alike will take Tomas to their hearts and be eager to discover how his journey ends. The Brockenspectre is a small but perfectly formed hardback and will make a wonderful gift this Christmas season." -- George Hanratty * We Love This Book * "This is such a lovely story. It has the traditional feel of a fable but underlying it is Newbery's trademark honesty and compassion . . . As I write this review, we're in the run-up to Christmas and I can't think of a better choice for a gift for a child." * The Bookbag * "Tomas' Pappi is a mountain guide - strong, brave and fearless; just the sort of person Tomas wants to be. Tomas knows about the dangers of the mountains and he fears the Brockenspectre the most; a huge, shadowy creature that lives alone in the mountains, preying on unwary climbers. When Pappi goes out one day and fails to return, Tomas knows he must set out in search - so he conquers his fears... and fins himself deep in a mystery as well asfinding who the Brockenspectre is. A haunting and memorable story." * Parents in Touch * "Just right for readers growing used to enjoying a novel on their own . . . A novel with psychological complexities and with this shift come expectations of literal credibility . . . There's much for a thoughtful reader to discover and enjoy - perhaps about knowing yourself, about parents and their fallibilities, about the dialogue you can share with a place. Four stars" * Books for Keeps *

Author Biography

As a child Linda Newbery was a secret writer, filling exercise books with stories which she hid in her wardrobe. Now she is a published author of over forty books, mainly children's and teenage fiction. She has been shortlisted for many prestigious literary prizes and has won the Costa children's book award. Linda lives in an Oxfordshire village and enjoys yoga, gardening, walking and the cinema.