The Dear Green Place

By Archie Hind


The Dear Green Place is an autobiographical novel about a working class writer. The Dear Green Place is the city of Glasgow in which the writer finds so much beauty. The novel is one of the seminal works of fiction about Glasgow.

Year of Publication


Glasgow, the dear green place of the title, is not perhaps the most fertile of environments, at least as far as the novel’s central character is concerned. Mat Craig is a decent working class young man with literary ambitions. These are, however, variously stifled and suppressed: he works as a slaughterman since writing won’t pay the bills. This is an anxious, plaintive study of creativity. -- Stuart Kelly

Author Biography

Archie Hind was born in 1928. Educated in Glasgow, where he has spent most of his life, his jobs have included bus driving, glass sculpting and data processing. He studied writing for a year at Newbattle College under Edwin Muir, and attended WEA lectures by Jack Rillie of the English Department at Glasgow University; both men were to influence him and his writing. The Dear Green Place first published in 1966 is Hind's only novel and won both the Guardian Fiction Award and the Yorkshire Post Award for Best Book.