The Elephant Road

By Nicola Davies


One night, Wilen is woken up when his hut is tipped sideways by elephants! Uncle Denngu urges the villagers to sell the land to a mining company who will cut down the trees and get rid of the elephants. Wilen fears that all is lost... until he hears about a scheme that pays local people to plant trees and look after them.

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Author Biography

Nicola Davies is a zoologist and has produced and presented radio and TV programmes, including The Really Wild Show. Her books for children include Poo (9781844287512), Extreme Animals (9781406305593), Ice Bear (9781406302059), My First Book of Nature (9781406304916) and the Silver Street Farm series. She lives in Abergavenny, Wales. Annabel Wright illustrated the poetry collection From Mouth to Mouth (9780744583830), and has worked for The New Yorker, Amnesty International and The Independent. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland.