The Great Pet Sale

By Mick Inkpen


Most young children fantasise about buying the contents of a pet shop, and in the great pet sale all the animals must go: A platypus, terrapin and gecko are all at knock-down prices. The koala and anteater are 9p the pair! A box of assorted brown things is only 20p.

The little rat with the half his whiskers missing thinks he is the best bargin but just how many pets will the little boy be able to buy with his £1?

Year of Publication


An amsuing story, guaranteed to stimulate children's curiosity about money -- nursery world 20040909

Author Biography

Mick Inkpen is now one of the top-selling picture book artists and writers in the world. The Kipper, Threadbear and Penguin Small stories have sold millions worldwide. He is a winner of the British Book Award for the best illustrated book, for Lullabyhullabaloo, and the Children's Book Award for Threadbear. Kipper won a BAFTA for best animated children's film in 1998.