The Seven Professors of the Far North

By John Fardell



When Sam visits Zara and Ben and their great-uncle, the quirky inventor Professor Ampersand, he never expects to embark on a fantastical adventure. But when Professor Ampersand and his group of professor friends are kidnapped by the evil Professor Murdo, it's up to Sam, Zara, and Ben to save them. They have only three days in which to journey to an icy, desolate land and uncover Murdo's sinister plot. Only then can they save the professors-- and the fate of the whole world. . . .

Year of Publication

Author Biography

John Fardell is a British cartoonist and author.

He is a regular contributor to the adult comic Viz, and has created and drawn two of the most popular and long-running strips, The Modern Parents and The Critics.

Fardell is also the author and illustrator of three children's adventure  novels — The Seven Professors of the Far North, published in 2004, The Flight of the Silver Turtle, published in 2006, and The Secret of the Black Moon Moth, published in 2009 — and a children's picture book, Manfred the Baddie, published 2008.

Fardell lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two children.