The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing

By Barry Hutchison, Chris Mould (Illus)
Shark-headed Bear-Thing cover



In an alternate 15th century, where dragons roam, sailing ships transform into submarines, and blacksmiths build steampunk robots, ten-year-old orphan Benjamin Blank battles monsters, rescues maidens and discovers new lands, but never quite manages to get his homework handed in on time. And Ben and his friends are facing a monstrous menace.

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Author Biography

Barry Hutchison (Author) Barry Hutchison is an award-winning children's author and screenwriter, currently hiding up a mountain in the Highlands of Scotland. Since landing his first children's book publishing deal in 2008, Barry has toured extensively around UK schools, sharing his love of reading and stories about weeing in the kitchen sink with pupils of all ages. He has a passion for encouraging reluctant boys to pick up a book, and in 2013 was appointed as Scotland's third Patron of Reading, becoming the first man to hold the position. A lifelong fan of funny books, Barry loves making readers laugh with his unique brand of comedy. He lives with his wife, Fiona, and his children, Kyle and Mia, none of whom appreciate his jokes in the slightest. Chris Mould (Illustrator) Chris went to art school at the age of sixteen. During this time, he did various jobs, from delivering papers to washing-up. He has won the Nottingham Children's Book Award and been commended for the Sheffield. He loves his work and likes to write and draw the kind of books that he would have liked to have on his shelf as a boy. He is married with two children and lives in Yorkshire.