The Young Oxford Book of Nasty Endings

By Dennis Pepper


A collection of stories that have a big surprise at the end. The reader will meet sinister landladies, weird sweetshops, evil statuettes, deadly coffins, poisonous hats, awful slitherings, murderous monks, and real lions in the nursery. But watch out for the ending - it could be nasty.

Year of Publication


"Revels in the sinister, mysterious, gross, and creepy. The 34 stories by such authors as Roald Dahl, E. Nesbit, and Ray Bradbury promise--or threaten--to leave readers on edge."--Publishers Weekly"A dark brew of horror, ghost, crime, and science fiction stories by authors who generally address both older children and adults.... What really happens at the end of the stories is generally left for the readers to decide. But, as the editor says, 'Don't expect to sleep easy.'"--The New York TimesBook Review"[A] fine collection of chilling and cerebral thrillers... a variety of well-crafted, thought-provoking pieces from around the world. These haunting, goosebump-producing scenarios showcase the talents of familiar young adult and adult writers...From the subtle to the ironic to the terrifying, the stories in this quality collection prove that the classic macabre effectively transcends time, plce, and season."--Booklist"Featuring endings that are sometimes gruesome, sometimes wry, and sometimes thoughtful, Pepper's compilation of tales won't disappoint even the most avid readers of short stories or mysteries. The selections are suspenseful, scary, and surprising... Finely crafted stories. Great for sharing on Halloween or around a campfire."--School Library Journal"Young adults will appreciate this array of weird stories with unexpected twists and surprises for endings. From evil statues to deadly coffins, each story holds a horrid surprise and very different plots to excite the imagination."--Children's Bookwatch"An anthology of clever, well-crafted tales with unexpected twists and /or surprise denouements."--The Orlando Sentinel

Author Biography

Dennis Pepper is the editor of The Oxford Book of Ghost Stories and The Young Oxford Book of Scary Tales. He lives in England.