This is Where I am

By Karen Campbell


Heartbreaking, uplifting and unforgettable, This is Where I Am is a tender and eye-opening novel about loss and survival, and an unlikely friendship between a Glaswegian widow and a Somali asylum seeker.

Year of Publication


So it's surprising that this story of tentative friendship is also an unexpectedly humorous affair ... Generous-spirited, big-hearted depiction of life behind the statistics Daily Mail A story of tragedy told with such eloquence and elegance as to renew our faith in the resilience of the human spirit Kerry Young, author of Pao The writing is bold, gritty and fearless The Sunday Times One of the most powerful novels I've read in a long time. Unvarnished and without sentimentality, This Is Where I Am forces us to reassess our notion of the refugee in the modern world. Like all great survival stories, Abdi Hassan's is dogged by horror and grotesque ill-fate; yet it is Abdi's quiet courage and dignity that endures in the memory long after the final page. Think you have a social conscience? Read this, weep and think again Helen Walsh, author of Brass This Is Where I Am is subtle, compassionate and completely gripping. It's the best kind of page-turner, one where you race through to the end because you can't bear to abandon the characters. Wonderful Shelley Harris, author of Jubilee Fans of The Other Hand will enjoy this heartbreaking yet uplifting tale which solves the heartbreaking mystery Bookseller

Author Biography

Karen Campbell is a graduate of Glasgow University's renowned Creative Writing Masters, and author of The Twilight Time, After the Fire, Shadowplay and Proof of Life. A former police officer, Karen Campbell won the Best New Scottish Writer Award in 2009. She lives Galloway, Scotland.