Unshackled: Story of How We Won the Vote

By Christabel Pankhurst


The story of how women finally won the vote in Great Britain, told by one of the leaders of the suffrage movement

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Author Biography

Christabel Pankhurst was the daughter of noted suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Both her parents were involved in the fight to win women the vote, and Christabel grew up in a highly political household. She and her mother established the Women's Social and Political Union in 1903, and in 1907 Christabel received a law degree, though she was never able to develop a law career due to her gender. As the WSPU started to adopt more militant practices, including arson, Christabel found herself on the wrong side of the law and had to flee to France to avoid arrest. She returned in 1914, after the WSPU agreed to suspend militant activities until the end of the war. The Pankhursts established The Women's Party in 1917 which, among other things, called for 'equal pay for equal work, equal marriage and divorce laws, the same rights over children for both parents, equality of rights and opportunities in public service, and a system of maternity benefits.' She briefly moved to the United States in the 1920s, returned to England in 1926, and was made a Dame of the British Empire in 1936 for her contributions to women's suffrage.