Read, Write, Count for Parents

What is Read, Write, Count?

Read, Write, Count supports parents of children in P1-3 who want to take a more active role in their children’s learning. The programme also gifts free bags of books, counting games and writing materials to all children in P2 and 3. 

Read, Write, Count aims to provide parents with lots of simple ideas for working fun reading, writing and counting activities into your daily life. These are things you can do while shopping, on the way to school, at bedtime or mealtimes. You can have fun and help your child get the best start in life!

Visit the Read, Write, Count website where you can find more easy, fun ideas for activities to do together. Follow Scottish Book Trust on Facebook or Twitter and Read, Write, Count on Facebook or Twitter for ideas, competitions and more.


Why are parents important?

Parents are the first and most vital teacher any child has. While schools in Scotland give children a great education, learning doesn’t start or stop at the school gates.

Doing fun things with your children is one of the great things about being a parent. It makes you and your child happy and helps build stronger bonds. Working fun reading, writing and counting activities into your day can make a huge difference to your child's development. Research shows that children do better at school and throughout life when parents take part in their learning.


Read, Write, Count bags

The Read, Write, Count bag gives you and your child all you need to learn together at home: There are books to read and items to use for writing and counting games. There is also a parents’ guide for P2 and P3, with tips and ideas for how to get the most out of your bag. Read, Write, Count and Bookbug bags are also available in Gaelic.

The bags will arrive in schools between September and November, and we encourage schools to gift the bags to children during Book Week Scotland. If your child has not received their bag and you would like to know when it will arrive, please contact your local co-ordinator.

If your child is home-schooled, their bag will be provided by your local authority. If you have any questions, please contact your local co-ordinator.

Share Your Thoughts

We are always looking for parents of children who receive the new Read, Write, Count bags to give us feedback and help us to develop case studies. If you’d like to be involved, please let us know at