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I want to thank Alexander McCall Smith for restoring my faith in human nature and lifting my spirits when I am in the depths of despair after hearing of the latest terrorist atrocity, mass shooting or disaster. I also raise my glass to him for creating such wonderful female characters as Precious Ramotswe, Mma Makutsi, Isabel Dalhousie, and Big Thingie in the cafe, who bring me hope for the future of our world. (But definitely not Bertie's Mum Irene)

Linda Smith

I want to thank Chris Guthrie in Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon for Always being my escape, my best friend asking nothing always there whenever I am alone and need you.

Ethel Stewart

I want to thank Irvine Welsh for All those wonderfully not always lovable characters in Trainspotting, did that book put Scotland on the map I think it did, alas those who only watched the Film missed out the most.So READ TRAINSPOTTING ✌️

Michelle Pattison

I want to thank Alette Willis for for creating the green book group. The group have been meeting seasonally to discuss some wonderful books over the years 'The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey', 'Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin' and 'The Winter Vault by Anne Michaels' to name but a few.... further details about Alette's 'restorying the earth' approach can be read at her inspiring blog pages here:

Koren Calder

I want to thank Penelope Farmer for Charlotte Sometimes. The book that hooked me on "Time Travel" stories as a schoolgirl.

Tracie MacMillan

I want to thank Ruth Mabel Arthur for Your books that really talked to me as a young school girl. They were exactly what I wanted to read and I loved them! If it wasn't for your books,I would never have joined the local library which was the beginnings of my love of literature.

Tracie MacMillan

I want to thank Andrew Robson, previous librarian at Lasswade High School Centre for running an amazing school library, organising some fabulous book festivals and inspiring me to a career as a librarian which allows me to share some of that passion myself.


I want to thank AA Milne for The ageless words of wonder from an era of innocence, that have stayed with me over the years, from Two drops of rain to Forgiven, allowing me to pass on to my children and grandchildren the magic of lost childhood.

Martin Richmond

I want to thank My Mum for giving us a house full of books


I want to thank Marie Kondo for Thank you for changing my life. My wardrobe is the tidiest it's ever been and I have no junk cluttering it up. My drawers are so neat and tidy, I love it. You have made tidying up magic.

Ruth Grindley

I want to thank my parents for reading with me when I was young and letting me pick my own books out at the awesome local library (and with our awesome local librarian!). My dad, especially, for doing the voices and the actions for the Hobbit long before there were films. And my mum, for letting me read over her shoulder while she was studying, and for never telling me any books were 'too difficult'.

Kay Bohan

I want to thank Matilda for letting me know that being extraordinary is far better than being ordinary and that being clever and loving to learn is a super-power all of its own!

Beth Bottery

I want to thank Janet and Allan Ahlberg for creating so many beautiful, witty, memorable, sharable, re-readable books. From the Happy Families series (still often quoted in our house), to The Bear Nobody Wanted (mum and I still dust the eyes of our bears). They didn't only delight me but my parents too. They're part of the fabric of my childhood memories and our shared family history, and still often returned to in adulthood. Starting School is my all time favourite book. I look forward to the day I have my own family to share them with.

Heather Collins

I want to thank My mum for reading Charlotte's Web with us when we were tiny and crying at the end, doing voices for each character and singing the songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for nicking our Sweet Valley High books when we were teenagers and for swapping books with us to this day.


I want to thank My Mum and Dad for making sure out house was full of books, songs, and bedtime stories. #ThankBooks for my dad as well for getting me back into books as a reluctant teen reader. I can't imagine my life without books.

Danny Scott

I want to thank Sara Crewe for reassuring me that being a bookworm and living in the vibrant fantasyland of your own imagination is a-ok, no matter what the other kids at school say.


I want to thank Jon Klassen for I Want My Hat Back, the book that made me realise that adults could enjoy picture books too

Sarah Barrie