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I want to thank Rick - Walking Dead for being the most memorable character from a book. I will remember him for years to come.

Chryston High, 14

I want to thank Liz Pichon for writing the Tom Gates books as they are my favourite books EVER!!

Chryston High, 14

I want to thank William Golding for 'Lord of the Flies' as it helped me pass English.

Chryston High, 14

I want to thank Terry Moore for The wonderful storytelling and art of Strangers in Paradise. The lives of Katchoo, Francine and David (not forgetting their friends/enemies) was absorbing - a perfect illustration of the changing nature of relationships over time and that you can't choose who you love. You have shown how powerful a medium for storytelling comics can be.

Joy McLean

I want to thank Stephen King for Introducing me to worlds full of wonder, mystery, horror, thrills and intrigue when I was a young teenager. Reading your novels laid the foundations for my on-going love of reading and being one of your many "Constant Readers"… Thankee Sai, long days and pleasant nights!

Scott Tucker

I want to thank The Great Gatsby for Being the book that reminded me - when I was too young to have forgotten - what it was like to have a huge emotional connection with a book. We had to read you for school, Gatsby, and you were the source of a question on the Higher English exam back in the day. I finally got the tragedy and emotion of your story right while filling in the question in the exam hall. My exam paper was spattered with smudged tears because I finally got upset about your story! Dorky, yes. But I remember it as more important to me than the good grade I got when that exam paper was marked...


I want to thank L. Pichon for Thank so you much for making Tom Gates you have inspired me to read more and I love Tom he is so funny.I have even tried to copy his banana drawings

Jared, 10

I want to thank jeff kinney for thank you Jeff Kinney for the fantastic diary of wimpy kid books. you have truly inspired me to read more books old and new. I am writing my own book. One day I want be as good as an author. thank you so much

sam, 10

I want to thank michelle paver for thank you for Writing wolf brother it has inspired me to have different game and book ideas to play and write. I hope you write more books

Aiden, 10

I want to thank L.Pichon for Thank you L.Pichon for the amazing Tom Gates books it inspire me to read. You are one of my favourite author all of your books inspired me.

Joe, 10

I want to thank Roddy Doyle for Thank you Roddy Doyle for written Wilderness and making the book so interesting i really love the part when Johnny and Jack jets hugged by there mother and Johnny thought he was too young for it i also love the part when it was raining so heavy that Johnny and Jack couldn't hear there mother come in the front door and then she was suddenly there Thank you for writing this book

Abby, 10

I want to thank Garen Ewing for Thank you so much for this book it has made me collect orchids and read the book over and over and I know that someday I will find the rainbow orchid and I have coloured my own (blue) {took about 6 months} THANKS SO MUCH

Hope, 10

I want to thank Tom Gates for Thank you for making Tom Gates it is the best book I have ever read and it is very funny thank you so much.

Jay, 9

I want to thank Annabelle from the triplets for thank Annabelle for making me more confident at school and at my clubs. It made me read more and be more confident to read aloud. it made me stand up to people in my class like you and your sisters stand up to the mean people in your classes. I look up to you and hope I can be confident like you and your friends.

Alex, 10

I want to thank Lemony Snicket for thank you Lemony Snicket for challenging my reading but make it interesting and not making it a happy ending. I have read 3 of you book and I am sure to read more so thanks'.


I want to thank Jeff Kinney for making diary of a wimpy kid you make me laugh

charlie, 110o

I want to thank dark summer for Thanks for making dark summer Ail Sparkes i love reading the book with my class mates and i think it will inspires children to read the book dark summer and the front cover is really nice and colourful. i love Gwerren and Eddie in the caves.

alex, 10

I want to thank Horrid Henry for Thank you for making this it has inspired me to learn about all of the different characters and there feelings and sometimes how brothers make up with each other . I love reading all of the books so thank you very much.

Chanell, 10

I want to thank Donald Trump for For you're inspirational speeches and China.

Micheal, 12

I want to thank Rev.W.Awdry and Chris Van Allsburg for Thanks Chris Van Allsburg for making up the Polar Express, It grew my interest in trains more. Thank you also to Rev.Wilbert Awdry for creating my interest in trains with the Thomas the Tank Engine books, I still read them to this day.

Adam, 10

I want to thank Diamond Bothers for Brining a big smile to my face. One of the best books I have read! I must read it again!

Archibald, 15

I want to thank JKRowling for Thanks for the Harry potter book's

brodie, 10

I want to thank L. Pichon for thank you for writing tom gates it got me in to reading more of them and they are so exciting for me and i cant wait to read more .

katie, 10

I want to thank JKRowling for Thanks for the Harry potter book's

brodie, 10