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I want to thank Inabli Iserles for Thanks to FoxCraft I bought more books and FoxCraft its not just about humans its about foxes that I found different to read and its my favourite book so far.

Nathan, 10

I want to thank JKRowling for Thanks for the Harry potter book's

brodie, 10

I want to thank Jim Pipe for Thank you for tales of horror WERE WOLVES It really got me inspired into other monsters.

James, 10

I want to thank tony ross for Thank you for writing the Horrid Henry books they really inspired me to read more books an get really interested in your books that you made for everyone to read.

robbie, 9

I want to thank rick riordan for percy Jackson books made me like to read books

nicole, 14

I want to thank George Martin for Thank you very much for game of thrones, I love them all

Jared, 14

I want to thank steve backsall for thank you for writing those books. they are not only entertaining, but also involve some truths about whats happening to the world.

ethan, 14

I want to thank Equal Rites (by Terry Pratchett) for Thank you for being my gateway book to the Discworld 27 years ago, you introduced me to my favourite author and showed me that genre fiction was and is so much more than escapist fun

Matt Imrie

I want to thank Beverly Cleary for All of the amazing Ramona Quimby books that you wrote for the youth of America to enjoy. I remember learning to read. I remember reading my first board book, cover to cover. My first chapter books were Ramona books. I tore through all of them, and reread every single one until I was 11. I am now 15% Ramona Quimby and 40 years old. :)


I want to thank My parents for Always reading me books and encouraging me 2 read and buy new books

Gale Force

I want to thank Iain M. Banks for the escape into your incredible imagination. For taking me to other worlds and indulging me in my own fantasies of alien life and the possible futures of science and humanity. For whisking me off to other cultures and introducing me to science fiction and fact. I am yet to find a match for the detail and depth you painted in your INCREDIBLE scifi stories and I am sad there will be no more (other than the small few I have left unread, saved for a rainy day).

Fraser Cameron

I want to thank All the (1000's of!) books Faith has read in the last 3 years! for Putting a smile on her face every day, for introducing her to new worlds, new people and new ideas. It's almost impossible to imagine Faith without her books, she has one with her everywhere she goes. #ThankBooks a million times over for being my 11 year old daughter's "thing"!


I want to thank My dad ( Brian ) for I would like to thank my dad who read books to me when I was like 5.

Joe, .

I want to thank Eat, Pray, Love for helping me realize it is never too late to start again, let go of the past, and live for today. I have read you 6 years ago, and you still occupy a special place in my heart.

Hoda Marmar

I want to thank Rohd Dahl ,who inspired me ,And my sister Katy who always encouraged me to read the right books for For always guiding me to read the interesting stuff.

Marya kurwa

I want to thank David Walliams for For creating the fantastic character "Gangsta Granny", showing that just because you are old does not mean you are boring. Ben shows love and care towards his granny and even plans to steel the crown jewels with her. Of course that never actually happened but I love the way it shows the way families love and care for each other.

Isla, 12

I want to thank david williams for thank you for encouraging me to read more by writing my favourite books. The books are all very funny and I never used to read but I really enjoy your books and have read them all more than once. your books have encouraged me to read and write my own stories.

Caroline, 13

I want to thank robert Muchamore for Thank you for writing the cherub series, your series has expanded my imagination and shown me that you can do anything you want to do. The cherub series is my favourite series so far!!!

Sam, 13

I want to thank the guy who wrote stormbraker for i would like to thank you for writing the diamond brother books they were great banter

eoin, 13

I want to thank J.K rowling for I want to thank J.K rowling for her great books that changed my life for ever. . . thank you J.K

Justin faulds

I want to thank my English teacher for my English teacher has inspired me to read more books and enjoy books.

tom spinks

I want to thank James Patterson for I really enjoyed maximum ride i have read all the books and they are so interesting from the start to the end, thanks.

francesca, 13

I want to thank R.L. Stine for Writing the goosebumps series. I loved reading all of those books. They amazing to read as the have inspired me to think creatively. I love books that tell a story about spooky things. Spooky books are my favourite kind of books as they always make you want to read more. I remember when i was a child at my old school in South Africa and when we had to choose a book I ran straight toward the goosebumps books because even though many people read them i always made sure i was the first to get there.

Shannon, 14

I want to thank Roald Dhal for I want to thank Roald Dhal for creating funny and easy to read books. A roald Dhal book was the first book I managed to read by myself.

Alice, 13