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I want to thank Celia Gausden for inspiring in me a love of language and literature.

Vicki Hambly

I want to thank Gail (Laim Hemsworth) for Inspiring me to keep going even when all hope is lost. Never give up keep on pushing and you will make it some day. Even if you think your going to lose you still try any way because you have a better shot if you try then if you give up.

Sophie, 13

I want to thank Kendare Blake for Writing Anna Dressed In Blood I absolutely adore the mix of ghosts, magic and love. I can't wait to get Girl Of Nightmares for Christmas. DON'T STOP WRITING

Hannah, 13

I want to thank Barry Hutchinson for Thank you for... coming to my school, you really inspired me to start writing and reading I love your books and your stories that you told us! (it was Dunblane Library in 2013)

Eva, 12

I want to thank Enid Blyton for Inspiring me to be a detective. I have read all your books, done at least 3 projects on Enid. my favourite books are the mystery books and The Naughtiest Girl in The School. I have always wanted to meet you yet sadly I can't. I love your books and I started reading them when I was 6. thank you so much.

Louisa, !2

I want to thank David Peace for your book on Brian Clough's 44 days at Leeds United: 'The Damned United'. it has inspired me to write about football and in particular Leeds United FC, the Scotland National Football Team and Falkirk FC

Ciaran, 13

I want to thank My Mum for Always being there and supporting me through the ups and downs of my life and I NEVER, NEVER want to lose you like i almost did I Love you

Catriona, 13

I want to thank David Walliams for writing 'The Boy in the Dress' because the book gives us the message that everyone can wear whatever they want, no one is in charge of that. I would read this book everyday because I love it and it is funny. #ThankBooks @whatsonatcampie

Graidi, 8

I want to thank David Walliams for writing all of your books because some of them are very happy sad and some of them are really happy. Reading them helps us learn about feelings. My favourite book is Awful Aunty because it has a happy ending after a sad start. #ThankBooks @whatsonatcampie

May, 9

I want to thank Daniela Sacerdoti for writing Really Weird because it is a very brilliant book. It is brilliant because it has really good characters and it is fun. My favourite thing about it is it has mythical animals in it and I really like mythical animals. #ThankBooks @whatsonatcampie

Ben, 9

I want to thank Roald Dahl for writing such an amazing book - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love it because it has happiness and sadness and scariness and makes you wonder what will happen next... it never gets boring and you feel the feelings that the characters are feeling. #ThankBooks @whatsonatcampie

Rhys, 8

I want to thank Rick Riordan for Introducing me to a world of myths and legends, a world full of intriguing poetry such as Hesiod's "The Theogony" an epic worthy of the muses themselves. I thank you also for inspiring me to write and thank you for creating characters who i grew up with. For characters who helped me to grow who taught me what it is to live. Who taught me acceptance especialy in Nico DiAngelo. Percabeth!! Thank you Rick!


I want to thank Roald Dahl for i would like to say thank you to Roald Dahl for creating a character so self strong and self confident: Matilda. this character gives yough girls a chance to be as strong and smart,it gives girls a target.

Sophia, 12

I want to thank My parents for Making me read so many books and inspiring my love of reading. Now I can just read and read for hours without stopping.

Andrea, 13

I want to thank Roger Hargreaves ( mr men writer ) for writing my favourite books when I was younger the mr men I really like them

david headsworth

I want to thank santa for giving me my first book

bubba, 12

I want to thank My book club for Thank you for being a place where I can go and speak my mind and be listened to. Discussions always being with our book of the month but manage to segue into many topics such as feminism, politics, life and relationships. I always feel happier and brain feels healthier after our meetings. Everyone should have that safe space to share and be heard, give and get advice, and this is my place. Our shared love of books has facilitated this for us, so that's why I #ThankBooks for you! x

Kimberly Bryce

I want to thank David Walliams for Thank you for writing all the great books I love them I am reading demon dentist. I love your books because you write very interesting and tense books. My favourite is gansta granny and demon dentist Thank you x

Zara, 11

I want to thank Mrs Baynham for Being the best English teacher in the world and making English more fun

Kirsty, 11

I want to thank Mrs Baynham for Being a really good English teacher and letting us have so much fun in English . Mhairi xx

Mhairi, 10

I want to thank Jacqueline Wilson for Thank you for writing lots of amazing books. My favourite book is Katy because it shows how a big change can affect your life but you can still be the same person. All of your books are truly amazing and inspirational and I've been reading your books for ages. Your books have inspired me to do lots of thing so thank you.

Nandni, 11

I want to thank David Walliams for Getting me into reading funny and serious books my favourite book of yours is Billionaire Boy.

Calan, 11

I want to thank Jeff kidney for Making me laugh at your funny books diary of the wimpy kid

Michael, 10

I want to thank Roald Dahl for ... the vermicious knids, the evil twits, the corageous hearts and all the weirdly wonderful creations!

Roz Baynham