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I want to thank Vanessa Curtis for Thank you for making me more interested in books and making me positive that if you believe in the hardest of times everything will be okay. I love your books because they make me so emotional as if it's really happening to me.

Catriona, 11

I want to thank Jeff Kinney for For making me like fiction books

Maxwell, 11

I want to thank Mum and dad for reading me books when I was sad and making me love them.

Olivia, 11

I want to thank J.K Rowling for Creating my love for your amazing book series HARRY POTTER!! I absolutely love your books an they will always stay in my heart.

Eva, 11

I want to thank Cathy Cassidy for Creating the best books ever and making so emotional and tense books and inspiring me to read more books.

Lucy, 11

I want to thank My brother James and my mum ketki for Inspiring me to read books you inspired me to read diary of a wimpy kid,cosmic and all David walliams books.

Thomas, 11

I want to thank Gran for For always reading to me before I went to bed and when I'm sad. I have learnt a lot from the picture books.

Ellie, 11

I want to thank My dad for Being with me when my times were hard and being there when I achieved excellence.Also when Liverpool won the champions league for the fifth time

Findlay, 11

I want to thank James Robertson for the Fanatic, and the Land Lay Still, the Testament of Gideon Mack and for the Professor of Truth (which I've just finished reading this week). Fast becoming my favourite Scottish author (look out Chris Brookmyre!).

Kenny MacLaren

I want to thank John Lewis for My kindle fire for getting me into reading because I found normal reading a bit boring.

CreepyC, 13

I want to thank my big sister holly and Gena Showtler for I want to thank my sister for getting me into books when I was still at a young age. She bought my first book. From then on I've never stopped reading. I would also like to thank my Gena Showtler for writing the Alice in Zombie Land series. I have read them over and over again. It has been my favourite series to read so far.

Nina, 14

I want to thank All my English teachers and my parents for for encouraging mycreading, showing me the piwer and pleasure of thecwritten wird and encouraging me the worlds out there in books. The magic us still working 40+ years later.


I want to thank All the Scottish writers, for Kate Atkinson , all her books and Maggie O Farrell also. Both magic. Frederic Lindsay,excellent crime writing.

S.A. Thomas

I want to thank Michael Morpurgo for writing such amazing and moving books. Your books have led me into reading more great books and have encouraged me to enjoy writing stories.

Anonymous, 13

I want to thank Enid Blyton for The adventure series and for kiki the parrot because she is realy funny and she is my favourite charicter my favourite book was the river of adventure because Enid Blyton describes the setting seen very well.

sammy whitehorn

I want to thank Roald Dahl for Writing James and the giant peach it is my favourite book. My favourite character is centipede because he is the funniest and made me laugh throughout the story.

Alec, 9

I want to thank J.K.Rowling for Thank you for the Harry Potter series because they were brilliantly written and and had a big impact on my childhood and reading style

Sophie, 13

I want to thank My parents for I want to thank my parents for encouraging me to read books from a young age. I also want to thank Michael Morpurgo for writing some of my favourite books

Ellie, 13

I want to thank My parents for I want to thank my parents for encouraging me to read books from a young age. I also want to thank Michael Morpurgo for writing some of my favourite books

Ellie, 13

I want to thank all my booky friends for for all the "you've gotta read this!" suggestions. Even the terrible ones. Especially the terrible one.

Michael Merillo

I want to thank Jeff Benzos for I would like to thank Jeff Bezos for inventing the kindle. The kindle is an amazing device which saves you carrying around numerous amounts of books. I didn't enjoy books that much when I was younger but as I got older, I started to use my kindle and it is a very enjoyable way to read books. I love the kindle and I would definitely recommend it to anyone at any age!

Katy, 13

I want to thank a author for i would like to thank Anthony horwitz for writing books that he has written that have been really descriptive and sometimes funny as well. I would definitely recommend his books to people who like reading books that are descriptive and tell you a lot about how the characters are like and how they are feeling.= Dane 14


I want to thank Bernard Cornwall for I want to thank Bernard Cornwall for the best series ever, Sharpe. I have learn't a lot about the Napoleonic wars and what it was like. The series will remain my favourite series forever

Theo, 13

I want to thank Alan Paton for Cry the Beloved Country. First read when I was 17 and annually since for 40 years. The dignity of the language and the heart searching subject matter has always touched my soul. Paton uses language to convey a period in history which was challenging and brutal yet embodies the absolute goodness of human nature with all its flaws. He has incredible insight into what makes us human and the characters shine out as real people we recognise I read the book every year and every year I take something new away from the experience. Even though I know how the book ends, it never fails to make me cry.

Catharine McKinlay