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I want to thank Ruined by Paula Morris for Helping me learn about the history of New Orleans and the devastating hurricane Katrina. I enjoyed this book especially because New Orleans is known for the supernatural and this was in the book.

Emily, 12

I want to thank Mrs Vesey for Inspiring me to read books and recomending plenty of books for me to read. Thanks to her I have found a way of relaxing on the move. I have now found lots of new stories and have improved my imagination a lot.

Samantha, 12

I want to thank Mrs Grimmond for Recommending many books for me when I'm bored in the library.

Cameron, 2

I want to thank John Greene for Writing 'The Fault in our Stars' and other books wich I really enjoyed reading them

Isla, 12

I want to thank Mum for recomending loads of books to me and buying them for me to read aswell

Matthew, 12

I want to thank Michael Mupurgo for Making so many books and especially 'Private Peacful' it has taught me never to give up.

Matthew, 12

I want to thank Michael morpurgo for amazing books for me to read as a kid

Hjvhk, 100

I want to thank Suzanne Collins for Writing the hunger games series

Abigail, 12

I want to thank Terry Pratchett for The amazing book " The light fantastic" the first book in the discworld series. It kept me interested for hours on end and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It glued me to the sofa, and after each chapter I wanted to read some more. Thank you so much...

Adam, 12

I want to thank J.K. Rowling for Writing the amazing Harry Potter books. They were the books that got me into reading and I read them over and over again.

Matthew, 12

I want to thank Maria Rovelli, and libraries and librarians everywhere for My grandma for having the loveliest approach to reading and inspiring appreciation of the beauty of books. To libraries everywhere that provide warm, welcoming spaces full of books to nurture the mind, heart and soul and those libraries with cafés that nurture the belly. To the librarians that work hard providing a quality and inclusive service to a diverse public

Anna Gurevitch

I want to thank Anne Holm for Thank you for writing I am David I really enjoyed reading it my favourite bit was when David saw Maria. I loved the description and how you wrote it. I now carry the book in my school bag so when I get bored I take it out and it lifts my spirits. Thanks as well to my granny for recommending the book to me.

Susie, 11

I want to thank jeff kinney for Bringing new diary of a wimpy kid books my favourite book was the long haul and fails everything ive read 5

Grant, 9

I want to thank Lauren Child for I would like to thank Lauren Child for writing amazing books. She has written books for any age of child and I think adults would like her book as well. I especially liked Ruby Redfort because of all the mystery and twists in it. I will definitely read her books to my children.

Rhiannon, 12

I want to thank Daisy Meadows for Thanks for the great book it was amazing and awesome Ruby the red fairy was totally awesome and exciting and you make really good book and you are my favourite author you make it eye catching big bold title and I just love your books they also have pictures that stand out I just love your books because I love love love fairys so that's why I like your books

Deanna Ellis

I want to thank slim newton and craig smith for all the fun you put into writing into the books thank you

sophie, 9

I want to thank The Fault In Our Stars, John Green for I would like to thank you for making this wonderful book, it had changed my cousins life. My cousin had a car crash and she now is on a wheel chair, she kept closing her door she didn't talk to anyone, she broke up with her boyfriend and she stopped eating. When I read this book I thought of her and I given it to her first she didn't want to take it but then she did and she read it, now she is hanging out with her friends and she eats and she talks so much that everyone now closes their ears. Shes the happiest person on earth! And I LOVE her!

Patrycja, 12

I want to thank E B White for Charlotte's Web. It was the first book I remember having an impact on me. Wilbur and Charlotte came to life in my mind and brought me into their story. It's still my favourite book. As a librarian I still recommend it to pupils and warn them they might need a hanky!

Wendy Thirde

I want to thank Mum for Encouraging a love of reading from a very young age and instilling the feeling that if you aren't reading a book, life isn't quite right.

Michelle Irvine

I want to thank The Alchemist for For reminding me to pursue my dreams!


I want to thank RG Manse for for writing Frank Friendship series which is like no other and brought so much laughter into my 2015!

A Fan!

I want to thank Jenny Brown Agent for Bringing my book, Island Wife, to the hallowed halls of Two Roads Books and Lisa Highton, Book Mother. I had no idea, when writing my story, that it would impact women right across the globe. I had no idea of the humbling of such a journey, nor could I have guessed at the level of excitement I would feel, seeing my book in print, even now. I knew how I could be lifted from the ordinary into a new hope on reading another's story, but never thought I could do the same. If your story burns holes in your britches then tell it out, for you just never know what heart is waiting to hear it.

Judy Fairbairns

I want to thank Elizabeth Wein and Katherine Rundell for both being authors who have created strong,young, believable, prejudice-challenging female characters as central to their novels. Very refreshing!

Sue Clapham

I want to thank John Steinbeck for Telling great stories that need to be told time and time again and will until people get the message of what it means to be a human being. Thank you for colouring these stories with rich description and memorable characters so that your lessons are a joy to read - serving a second lesson in how we may write extraordinarily.

Richie Brown