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Scottish Book Trust: a charity inspiring people to read and write

We believe in the fundamental right of every person in Scotland to read the books they love, develop their own voice through creative writing and have that voice heard.

We champion this right because we know that literacy, imagination and creativity are vital to our society’s wellbeing and economic success.

We are here to support and inspire everyone, but focus particularly on people with the greatest need, breaking down the barriers that stop them becoming readers and writers.

Andrew Scalter SCBA participants Bookbug sessions

You can’t not love Scottish Book Trust, who do so much for literature in Scotland. If you too are setting out to make it on the Scottish writing scene, you must try for a New Writers award. Getting one is life-changing. My New Writers Award is the best thing that’s happened to me since falling in love.
Andrew Scalter, New Writer awardee

It’s a bunch of books I probably wouldn’t have picked myself, but I read them and really enjoyed them. And you can speak about the books with your friends, because we all read them and we can talk about them and about our favourite parts. And we all have different opinions!
SCBA ceremony participant
Billy absolutely loves the Bookbug sessions. It's given us the inspiration to do more songs and stories during the day. If he's in the middle of a tantrum, breaking into a spontaneous "Baa Baa Black Sheep" is a really good way to stop it!
Hazel Stothard, Billy's Mum

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