The League of Extraordinary Booklovers

The stage was set: Book Week Scotland. A whole country uniting to celebrate books and reading from 26 November - 2 December 2012. But something was missing.

A nation held its breath. In busy times, honest men and women struggled to find the time to seek out what to read. A crisis loomed. Heroes were needed, booklovers who would step forth and give the book-loving public the reading recommendations they deserved. Scottish Book Trust met, and responded with a call across the land for booklovers.  

And then a legend unfolded. Bibliophiles aged 5 to 73 emerged from the frozen glens of the Highlands to the teeming metropolises riveted along the Central Belt, to form the 20-strong League of Extraordinary Booklovers. Their mission? To save Scotland from boredom with a boundless passion for the written word, answering questions and making recommendations to those eager to curl up with a good read in the safety of their own homes.

As their fame grew, lucky members of the public were able to meet these Extraordinary Booklovers at the Pop-up Event at Glasgow's Mitchell Library on 1 December, where the tireless heroes arrived fresh from the Book Cave to send readers forth with a renewed love of reading.

Scotland salutes you Extraordinary Booklovers. We shall always salute you.

See some of our League members in action in our Book Week Scotland video.


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