The Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Saci Lloyd

Our first Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour of 2012 was with teen fiction author, Saci Lloyd, and covered Dundee, West Lothian, and Inverclyde.

Saci is best known for her award-winning Carbon Diaries series (published by Hodder), which is set in the very near future but in a world where energy is scarce and society is rapidly falling apart. Saci has also published Momentum and talked about these books as well as discussing climate change, the politics that are affecting teenagers right now, and had the pupils creating their own (amusing and terrifing) thrillers.

An avid proponent of social media, Saci has even set-up her own social networking site,, where teenagers log-in and can share homemade videos, artwork and animations as well as chatting to their friends.


Teaching Resources

Get creative in the classroom with these brilliant teaching resources to accompany some of Saci's thrilling books.


Event Pictures

Pupils from Grove Academy with Saci Saci talking to pupils from the High School of Dundee  Pupils from St. John's RC High School write a thriller with Saci  Pupils from Linlithgow Academy
Pupils from Whitburn Academy demonstrate their powers of cooperation Pupils from Inveralmond Community High School show off their hair!    


Pupil Feedback

The presentation could be classed as a life changing event and a ground breaking presentation. Keiran, 14, James Young High School.

The experience of the Saci Lloyd Event was brilliant and very enjoyable. There was a lot of interaction with the audience allowing the audience to really think about the questions asked and the themes to her books. Sahdia, 14, James Young High School.

SACI IS LEGENDARY! Ryan, 12, St. John's RC High School.

I really enjoyed the event! Saci Lloyd was fantastic, she was wacky and wonderful. Her energy brought life to the event and the things included in the PowerPoint were great. The interaction with the audience was fun and interesting. Connor, 14, James Young High School.

I loved it, Saci is really funny and lively. The rough nature of her books was covered with her humorous attitude, the made up thriller was great and I'm very interested in her book Momentum. She didn't patronise us either and that felt good because we generally get babied because we're teenagers. Monique, 14, James Young High School.

I really enjoyed it when Saci Lloyd came to our school. She was very funny and very interesting and her books seemed very good so I bought Momentum. Since I bought it, I haven't been able to put it down! At first I didn't think I would be interested but I was wrong. I'm really enjoying reading one of her books. Sarah, 14, James Young High School.

I really enjoyed the Saci Lloyd event it was fun and got everyone involved and it got everyone giving their ideas and thoughts. It was brilliant and a great environment, where everyone was enjoying themselves made it all the better. Saci talked about how the world is changing and how we are the generation to clean up the mess made by others and change the course of human history and what we see of each other. She made us believe we all can make a difference. Georgia, 14, James Young High School.

I thought that Saci Lloyd was quite eccentric and really drew the audience in. She made me want to listen and participate. It was an enjoyable afternoon and her books sound very interesting. I look forward to reading them. Caola, Linlithgow Academy.

She was witty, eccentric and made very big subjects interesting to hear. Rebecca, Linlithgow Academy.

She is a very imaginative person and has a very positive outlook to life. She also has many ideas as to what the future will be like. She is a great inspiration to any people wanting to become authors in the future. Kathryn, Linlithgow Academy.

I quite enjoyed the Saci Lloyd visit. I thought that her books sounded very interesting. I was also hooked by the pictures she showed us about climate change. I think the Saci Lloyd visit was very beneficial. Paul, 13, Morgan Academy.

She read us a chapter of Momentum and I enjoyed it thoroughly. They should do this more often for other schools for it has encouraged me to read more. Lewis, 13, Morgan Academy.

Saci Lloyd did a fantastic job! She told us about what she's into herself what her books about and she even made us make up a thriller. I really enjoyed Saci Lloyd's visit as it was interesting and she told us a lot of information about authors. She overall seems like a great person and I hope more authors will come in! Beth, 13, Grove Academy.

I really enjoyed meeting the author Saci Lloyd. It really was a great experience for me. We talked about environmental issues like the issues in her books. Her books really are fantastic and unique and I like her style. Imogen, 13, Grove Academy.

I had a very good time listening to her stories and seeing how she writes. She is an inspirational woman and a very talented writer. I liked the book she read out but she stopped at the most exciting bit. I loved having this experience and I would love to do it again. Carly, 12, St. John's RC High School.

I really enjoyed listening to Saci Lloyd talk about her books. the fact that she even read some of it out to us really drew me closer to the book so I think that if I ever see any of her books in a store I will definitely buy one and enjoy reading it from start to finish. I would highly recommend her books just from listening to Saci! Aamna, 12, St. John's RC High School.

I enjoyed the Saci Lloyd Event because it was really interesting to listen to. I thought she really inspired me to think differently. Cameron, 12, St. John's RC High School.

I liked Saci Lloyd's presentation. I thought she was very enthusiastic about the whole thing. She was also very eager to hear what we had to say and what ideas we had. Taylor, 12, St. John's RC High School.

Saci Lloyd was fantastic! Her enthusiasm, in my opinion, helped a lot to get everyone involved in the task of making a story. Caitlin, 14, High School of Dundee.

I enjoyed Saci Lloyd a lot, she is a really genuine person. I like the way she sets out her books focusing on what's wrong in the world and what is to come in the future. I had only met the woman for 1 hour but she acted like the type of person you know for one year. Paul, 14, High School of Dundee.

I loved this event, and not only because it was full of tips and information, but because it was great fun. It was mad, exciting and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Saci was a mad author, fun and had written some great books and I loved reading them. I enjoyed the visit and hope there will be more similar ones in the future. Rebecca, 13, Inveralmond Community High School.

I really enjoyed the time we had with Saci because she was really inspiring and she involved us with her talk, and she was really confident, and I liked how she read us parts of her book, but she also added a little twist while she was doing it. Saci was really funny and we all were left wanting more at the end. Jessica, 13, Inveralmond Community High School.


Teacher Feedback

Excellent : interesting, engaging, participative, dynamic, thought provoking. Christine Anderson, Grove Academy.

Brilliant. Pupils enjoyed Saci's visit and are still talking about parts of her talk. Sharon McIntosh, St.Columba's High School.

The author & team were very organised. Saci Lloyd was creative & entertaining in the way she approached talking about reading & stories telling. Linda Anderson, Whitburn Academy.

Well organised event - Fantastic choice of author, she completely captivated the pupils who were lucky enough to attend. Chris Morrison, Linlithgow Academy.

Very enjoyable and lots of opportunities for the students to get involved. Yvonne Aitken, Inveralmond Community High School.

Very beneficial for the pupils involved - expands the way they think about the books they read and the world around them. Elaine Hunter, Morgan Academy.


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