Tracy outside

Tracy Talks: Introducing New Songs

Introducing a new song to your Bookbug session can be intimidating. Here's Tracy's advice for making families feel comfortable and confident with new songs and rhymes. 

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Parents-to-be reading together

Round and Round the Garden

You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to share this classic rhyme and join in the fun. The mum and dad in this video take turns reading this book and tracing on Mum’s belly. Mum uses lots of extra words and talks to the baby about the pictures.

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Mum and son reading together

Car Car Truck Jeep

This transportation themed book is lots of fun to read aloud - you can even sing it to the tune of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'! You can see how much Mum and Levi are enjoying this book. She really uses her voice to show the way the different vehicles move.

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Mum reading to baby

Baby Says Peekaboo!

The baby in this video is really excited to join in and play along with her mum. She coos, wriggles and squeals with excitement before her mum turns the flap. You can always read it more than once - babies love it and you’ll be tired of it long before they will.

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Mum and Dad read to baby

One Sleepy Night

The cosy bedtime story is a perfect way to wind down or spend a few quiet moments together. Dad reads the story in such a calming way, speaking slowly and clearly to help his wee one catch the words and also giving him a chance to look at the pictures.

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Mum and son read together

Tuck Me In

Jackson may be an active toddler – but he’s still keen to join in with this book. Mum uses lots of eye contact to engage him and involve him in the book. Jackson is keen to chat along, and join in the story with his mum.

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Mum reading to two children

Funny Bunnies

This opposites book has a lovely sense of rhythm that comes to life when you read it aloud. You can really use your voice to help children catch the meaning of the opposite words.

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Little boy reading with a lady

Look and Say What You See in the Town

There is lots to look at in ‘Look and Say What You See in the Town’ and Granny uses this book to inspire lots of conversation with her Grandson. It’s great to link this book to what your child knows or has experienced.

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Parents reading with toddler

One Mole Digging a Hole

This simple, rhyming counting book is lots of fun – and you can see how much this family loves sharing it together. The wee boy loves taking the time to count the animals on each page and the way his mum points as she counts will help him learn.

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Mum and baby reading together

All About Spot

This classic picture book is a favourite! You can see how much baby Esme loves sharing this Spot book with her mum. She is really looking at the pictures and even joins in by cooing and gurgling along. It’s a lovely short book, so mum takes the chance to read it more than once.

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