Authors Live: Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson talks about his love of horror, zombies and his books The Enemy and The Dead to an audience of the teenage undead.

If you only do one thing

If you are pushed for time but would like to do an activity inspired by Charlie's books, why not try this?

Dreaded Disease

In Charlie Higson's novel, The Enemy, adults are infected with a terrible virus that turns them into zombies! Ask pupils to come up with their own idea for a virus that affects adults. Pupils could write a paragraph describing the appearance, behaviour and actions of the grown-ups with their invented disease. They could use similes and metaphors like those used by Charlie Higson, such as: 

  • “He had the familiar look of a vegetable, or a piece of fruit, left too long in the sun.” (p. 6)
  • “A fat little father with useless legs hobbled out in a crouch, like some horrible, ungainly frog.” (p. 21)
  • “His face was so swollen with boils he looked like some ghastly sea creature, a puffer fish.” (p. 129)

Ask pupils to give their paragraph to a friend and see if they can draw an accurate picture of someone infected by their imagined disease.


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