Authors Live: Pamela Butchart

We were delighted to be joined by award-winning author and Blue Peter badge holder Pamela Butchart for a fun-filled Authors Live broadcast!

In this event, Pamela tells us about her new book There's a Werewolf in my Tent and shares lots of ideas to inspire you in the classroom. Learn how to create a story using only a single crisp and how to draw your very own vampire rat!

A full transcript of this event is available here.

If you only do one thing

If your pushed for time but still want to do a classroom activity inspired by Pamela's book There's a Werewold in my Tent, why not ask pupils to create a newspaper report based on the 'Wolf in the Tent' incident?

Produce a school newspaper report LIT 2-28a, TCH 2-04a

Split pupils into small groups and ask them to consider what makes a news report, e.g:

  • An journalist's style of writing
  • An eye witness interview
  • An expert’s account (for example from a doctor, criminal psychologist or police detective).

Ask pupils to look back through the book to compile information that they want to include in their report. 

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