Authors Live: Polly Dunbar and Long Nose Puppets

Set sail on the high seas for a magical adventure on board Arthur’s Dream Boat, with the award-winning Polly Dunbar and Long Nose Puppets. To download a complete transcript of this event, please click here.

Learning Resources

Download learning resources to accompany this event and help you explore the themes in Arthur's Dream Boat.

If you only do one thing

We know time is precious, so if you only do one activity why not try this game inspired by Arthur's Dream Boat

Arthur's Boat Game

As the story progresses, Arthur adds more and more detail to his dream boat. He starts by describing the colour of the boat, and then the mast, and then the sails, the flag and the figurehead. Create your own class dream boat by playing a game. Sit in a circle and ask someone to start. This person should describe one part of the boat. Move on to the next person, who should state what has been said by the first person, and add a detail of their own. Now move to the third person, who should state the two details which have been given, and add one more of their own. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn. See how detailed and imaginative you can make your class boat!


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