Tam Baillie: The Parent-Child Relationship

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, recognises that the relationship between parent and child is at the core of development.

Bookbug, stories, songs and rhymes play a central role in interaction but also in setting up the foundations for literacy. As Tam says, you can’t spend too much time talking, reading and singing and with children!

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Full Transcript

My name's Tam Baillie and I'm Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People. My whole focus is about the rights of children and young people right the way through their childhood. The reason Early Years are so important is because we've always known that the relationship that a child develops with their parent or carer is absolutely fundamental, but we now can confirm that through research about the impact that it has on their social, their mental, and their cognitive development. So in other words, we’re laying the foundations in the early years of life for children’s capacity to be resilient in their later years. The Bookbug programme's always been important, but it's even more important now, because we realise the central part that it's playing, in being able to actually encourage people to engage positively with their children and to do it in a way which gives pleasure to both child, parent, carer. If I had one piece of advice with regards to reading and singing and talking, it's that you can't do too much of it. This is undamental to your child's development. What a great vehicle to be doing that through books and language. Because language development is at the heart of being able to the ensure that our children have got the maximum opportunity for their development in later life.


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