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  • Mother reading with two sons

    Dinosaur Roar

    Do dinosaurs roar? Do dinosaurs squeak? This book of opposites will engage and delight children.

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  • Dad reading with daughter

    The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water

    This story is about a crocodile who doesn’t fit in. A few pictures at the beginning of the story give a clue that he might be a bit different – notice how the dad in the video draws his daughter’s attention to this subtle hint before they start.

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  • Mum and daughter reading together

    Who's That?

    Photograph books are lots of fun and very interesting for children. They are a great choice for families who speak more than one language as you can talk about the pictures on the page in any language. The mum and daughter in this video are sharing the book together in Gaelic.

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  • Mother reading with daughter

    The Something

    This book is full of excitement and mystery! In this video, Mum really uses her voice to bring the book to life, add suspense and excitement to the story and engage her son.

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  • Mother and father reading to baby

    Very First Nursery Rhymes

    There are lots of different nursery rhymes in this book but you don’t have to read them all in one go. The family in this video choose a few rhymes and songs and share some of their favourites.

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  • Father reading to baby

    It's a Little Baby

    It is great to encourage babies to interact with books – look how this dad gives his daughter time to look at the book before they begin. During the reading, he also lets her hit the book and handle the pages – this is a great way for babies to learn how books work.

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