Journeys Resources

We have produced a range of learning resources to help engage with Journeys at every level.

If you are an individual looking for inspiration for your writing, check out our Inspiration page.

Adult Learning tutors can download the Journeys Adult Learning Tutor’s Notes and the printable postcard template for story submissions. We’ve also created a 10 step guide to running a creative writing workshop around Journeys.

If you are a teacher and would like resources for use in the classroom, please go to Journeys for Schools.


Journeys posters

Click on the thumbnails to download these great posters for use in your workplace, community centre or library!


Download Journeys poster
Gaelic Journeys poster download
Download Journeys poster Download Journeys poster (Gaelic)
Journeys leaflet download
Journeys postcard download
Download Journeys leaflet Download Journeys promotional postcard