Miss Write: Here to help

We know that writing can be a tough, solitary business. That’s why Miss Write is here to help soothe all of your writing problems.

If you have a writing problem you’d like Miss Write to solve, there are three ways you can submit your question:

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Miss Write's responses will be posted monthly. Read Miss Write's previous entries here. 

Disclaimer: Miss Write’s views do not necessarily represent those of the Scottish Book Trust. Please accept advice with caution and wit. We regret that Miss Write cannot respond to problems privately, and we cannot guarantee that Miss Write will answer every question asked. 

Miss Write
Miss Write is illustrated by One Fine Day Cartoons. 

One Fine Day Cartoons is the creation of Anjo, a small, blonde Australian living in Edinburgh.

You would be hard pressed to find any adult human who watches more cartoons than she does and upon returning to Australia she plans to study for a degree in Animation at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne Australia. 

Her first animation My Bad Day can be viewed on the One Fine Day Cartoons Facebook page. She regularly takes commission work for bespoke pieces/custom artwork and is currently working on a commissioned piece depicting a cowboy be-hatt'ed man riding a Capybara into the sunset. Email commission enquires here.

She loves bones, dragonfly wings and rickety tree-houses.