The 50 Word Fiction Competition

Can you write a story in just 50 words?

Each month we’ll provide a prompt to get you started, but where the story goes from there is entirely up to you.

The competition includes two categories, All-Age and Young Writers (under the age of 18). All stories will be judged by the same panel and both winning stories will be published on our website.

A prize will be awarded to a writer in each category:

Whether you're a seasoned writer or you've always fancied picking up a pen, why not give it a go?

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January's prompt

Image by mariejirousek from Flickr Creative Commons


Write a piece of fantasy fiction

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How to enter

You can submit one entry to either the all-age category or the young writers category. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before entering. 

Email your entry with your full name and the subject line '50 Word Fiction' to For the young writers category only, please also include your age with your entry.

Stories can only be submitted in the body of an email or as a word document attachment. We welcome entries in Scots or Gaelic for both categories. 

Entries are open until Sunday 25 January (midnight). Entries received after the deadline may not be accepted. 

Due to the high volume of entries received we are unable to give feedback.

If you have any questions about the competition, please send them to:


December winners


All-age category winning story by Liam Alastair Crouse:

Mo chasan a' falbh bhuam; spèilearachd air dhol san dìochuimhne. Deigh sleamhainn na galla. Theab mi tuiteam, ach làmh a rug orm. Sheall mi ris, 'Chris…' ars mise, ag aithneachadh mo sheann bhràmair am-measg na gràisg, 'diamar a…' Shocraich e mi, gàire mhireagach na gnùis, 's e falbh aig tèile.

Translation: My feet went from under me; skating skills gone to pot. This damned slippery ice. I almost fell, but for a steadying hand. I looked up. ‘Chris …’ I said, recognising my old boyfriend amongst the throng, ‘how are …’ He righted me, a cheeky smile on his face, as he skated away to another.


Young Writers category winning story by Eve Lambrick (aged 13):

I depressed the switch. All colours were muted, all sounds silenced. I knew this peace would not last; it could not last. The full gaiety of the festive season was nigh, but even the gaudy christmas tree had found peace. Pyrrhic peace. For just at that moment, a light flickered.

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