A Chip Butty

By Freya, Ashley Road School, aged 10

When I go and visit my Nana and Papa in Glasgow, on the Friday I arrive, we all go to Alan’s Chipper. It’s a tradition. Before I see the building I smell that batter smell, it may sound rank but this certain batter smells fresh and crisp. We always get the same table every time. Apparently the place hasn’t changed at all. My Uncle Robert always orders the same pizza, I’m not sure what it’s called but I call it Robert’s Favourite. I order a standard haddock and I make a chip butty.

My Papa introduced the chip butty to me. The cause of my love of the crisp and soft chips in squidgy bread came about when I was around 7 and I saw my Papa sinking his teeth into the butty. Then I asked “What’s that Papa?” he replied “A chip butty…”

“I’ll make you one if you like!” and obviously I said “YES!”

I instantly went to chip heaven and I’ve never come back.