A Good Roast

By Emma, Cargilfield Primary School, aged 12

A good roast should be cooked to perfection and served still hot, but never so hot that it burns your mouth. It should be served with a good thick gravy and crispy potatoes and roasted parsnips with crisp yorkies. There should be carrots and peas. For dessert there should crumble or cake with proper Devon custard, still steaming, from the pan.

Everyone should be there, all the family talking and laughing together. A meal that brings the family together. That’s what a good roast should do.

That’s how I want to cook my roast when I’m older.  I hope that when I’m old and frail someone will be there to make a roast for me, to bring the family together, and to help me remember all the times that I’ve sat down with my family to a good roast.