Afternoon tea

By Esme, Cargilfield Primary School, aged 13

It was Grandma’s birthday. We were going for afternoon tea. I was absolutely staving as Mum had not let us have breakfast. I had complained all morning about how hungry I was but Mum was having none of it. She just kept saying that if we waited, the afternoon tea would taste better.

As the afternoon drew closer I got hungrier and hungrier until finally we walked to the Caledonian Hotel and sat down. Soon after that the table was full of cake stands with sandwiches, cupcakes, scones and pastries. My mouth was watering. As soon as I started to eat I could not stop. I wolfed down all of the sandwiches first, then the scones, then the pastries, then the cakes, then the macaroons and finally the cupcakes.

I felt so much better. Everything was going great until a very worried waiter came over to my Mum and told her that they had mixed up the afternoon tea stands. I have a very serious allergy to gluten. Even a crumb can make me have a very sore stomach and possibly vomit so when I heard this I felt very worried. Then ten minutes later I started to feel very ill. I told my Mother and she said I would be fine so I sat there for about another five minutes trying not to complain, and to keep happy for Grandma, but it was no use.

I told my Mum I was going to the bathroom and off I went. As soon as I got there I started vomiting PINK sick. My Mum had come to the bathroom, as I had now been there for about twenty minutes and had still not stopped vomiting. When Mum came she said sorry. I said it was fine even though I did not feel fine. In total, I vomited for about an hour. The only good thing we got out of it was that we got the whole afternoon tea free. They even gave us a discount if we wanted to come back but we said that we would not be returning there anytime soon. To this day, I have never gone for another afternoon tea.