By Ross, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

I am going to tell you all about blueberries which are a circle of blue delicious fruit. It is the size of a malteser and soft. While you chew it, juice bursts out.

It has a small hole at the top from where it gets picked and put in a packet which goes to the shop. You can also get pink berries. It doesn’t have a strong smell but it smells fruity and it makes you want to taste it. When I smell it, I feel happy. (It makes me feel hungry).

You put them in your mouth and chew it. It tastes sweet and it doesn’t make a big noise at all when you eat it. You open the pack and take one out and eat it. Slowly put it in your mouth and chomp it. Yum yum!

I think it’s amazing like a grape because it is juicy and is healthy. If you don’t believe me search it up on google. IT IS SO GOOD! Some fruits are healthy unlike oranges because they have more sugar in them. That is why orange juice is so sweet. I asked my class and 15 people like blueberries but 5 do not like them.

Chewing with my two front teeth, I put it in my mouth. POP! The juice bursts on your teeth and the juice is so tasty.

Do you like the delicious blueberries? I do. I wonder why they are so tasty. We should eat some all the time.