By Lewis, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

Today I’ll be talking about blueberries; it is a round blue berry with a grape look inside. Freya said “she likes blueberries and she feels the tropical blast” (however Keira is the opposite). 

The blueberry reminds me of a purple grape and also, it can be sweet or sour. If you bite into it lots of blue liquid comes out, when it explodes with a pop in your mouth. When the blueberry is sweet it’s personally my favourite. Blueberries are healthy. Blueberries are blue like the tropical sky and when I eat the sour ones my face screws up like Aaron’s dog’s face! 

After you eat a blueberry you want to have more blue juicy goodness of the blueberry. (You can’t stop eating them). Why are blueberries so juicy? Juicy blueberries. Blueberries smell like nothing strangely. When you slowly pick a blueberry out the box, and you start eating the first one you can’t stop. You want more and more of them. 

When you find the blueberry plant you can easily mistake it as a flower so you have to have a good look. When you eat the mushy blueberries they make you feel sick. Most people in P7 like blueberries, there are only 6 who don’t. You get some berries that are the same like redberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, cloudberries, strawberries and lingonberries. My favourite berry is the strawberry and my least favourite is the gooseberry. What berries do you like?