By Freya , Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits so today I decided to talk about them. To me they are like soft, sour or sweet little blue balls that taste like you would imagine, fantastic. I love blueberries (unlike Keira who does not like blueberries, she can’t taste the blue goodness that I can.)

Sometimes I used to like the blueberries my gran bought but now I like the tropical blast ones from Tesco.

Slowly while I chew the blueberries I can feel the blueberries like… it tasted like a grape in the middle.

My opinion is that I love blueberries, do you? I love them because they look like soft wee blue balls, they smell like fairy liquid, they taste juicy, mixed with loads of flavours.

Chewing the blueberries I can feel the tropical blast, my eyes feels fresh and I feel like I can smell better. When I am chewing I feel like I just want to be happy and smile, dance, sing. I feel great. I love blueberries. 

Blueberries are sour and they are sweet. Do you like them sour or sweet? Blueberries are like those flowers that are blue, that’s what they remind me of. 

Can you feel the blueberries blast in your throat or in your tummy? Yesterday I had some blueberries that were sweet. 

If you close your eyes you can see it and you feel like you want to eat it but it’s like being bamboozled, you don’t know if it going to be sour or sweet. That’s what I think. 

When you eat them, well crunch into them sometimes it makes a noise sometimes not.  It sounds like when you click your teeth together. That’s what I think it sounds like when you bite the stem part of the blueberry at the edge.  

So I hope I have convinced you that blueberries are amazing and that they taste delightful. All my friends like blueberries; they agree with what I say about the blue goodness. Round about half my class loves blueberries and I agree so I hope I have convinced you to try blueberries.