By Abi, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 10

Everyone has heard of blueberries, so why does barely anyone like them? They are the shape of a sphere and it is like you are eating a smooth blue crystal ball. When I first tried them they were extremely sour, but then when I swallowed it there was an aftertaste that was the best taste in the world. To me blueberries don't smell like anything but they have a very sweet juicy tast of lavender. As I reach into the bowl for another couple, I place the first in my mouth, I bite into it and I hear a little crunch of delight. The pop reminds me of booming fireworks in the distance. 

Speedily, I fill my mouth with them because they're so good. When I first tried them as a little girl I thought that they were terrible because they were so sour, but then the next day I had another one and thought that they were the best thing in the entire world. There are probably over 1 million types of fruit in the world and I think that the best one would have to be blueberries. Even though I really like strawberries, I still like blueberries so so so much. Blueberries can just not be beaten.

They taste like the extreme berries blast, when you bite into them they are extremely sour but then the feeling of them in your mouth is like there is a load of big colour setting off in there, and it tastes and feels amazing. 17/23 people like blueberries in my class, so that means that only 5/23 hate blueberries because 1 person said that they are not sure, so they are kind of half and half.