Blueberries are amazing!

By Liam, Tulliallan, aged 11

The round blueberry is one of my most favourite fruit with it’s really tasty sweet and sour flavour. It’s got such a flavour and it’s probably as small as two peas combined into a big one, but blue. Probably a bit too obvious but, the blueberry is a dark blue colour, almost indigo or purple and it has a round smooth texture. Also, it has a little dip in the top of it, although I don’t know what it’s for but I assume it’s for air and keeping it fresh…. While my partner (Callan) was blindfolded I was explaining what the fruit (blueberry) tasted like. There was two options; some Pomegranate and some blueberries. He tasted both and from my explanation, and for some reason he thought it was pomegranate.

A water kind of smell isn’t that strong and there’s not very much smell to this certain fruit, and I don’t know how to describe it. It sort of makes me want to gobble it up even though it doesn’t really have a smell. They also remind me of water because water doesn’t really have a smell either although it is a liquid. But when I taste it it’s not even close to what it smelled like.

Spilling the packet of them into a bowl as it sounds like quiet mini bowling pins being collided by a mini bowling ball. As soon as I hear that noise I get the thought of AMF Bowling in Stirling. Quickly snatching a handful from the bowl and getting them into my stomach as soon as possible because if you leave them in your mouth for too long they start to get warm and disgusting.

I highly recommend you try this fruit as it’s now one of my favourites and it’s totally refreshing. Don’t waste any more time thinking about it, it may look weird but trust me, they’re amazing. TRY ONE NOW!

“SPLAT SPLOT” many blueberries being flung around and hitting hard walls and being squashed by peoples big feet standing on them.

The best fruit I have ever tasted in my life is either a melon or red apples. I don’t know why I like red ones more, but I do.