Cherry Lips

By Jenna, Tulliallan Primary School, aged 11

As my teeth pierce into the chewy candied sweet named cherry lips, they are blood red colour with a lip structure. They are as miniscule as a petal from a daisy. The aroma is lavender scented while the aftertaste is berry flavour. Also, they have a neat lip shape.

The scent is so refreshed there’s a hint of perfumed lavender and cherry mixed together to make the perfect sweet. My mouth waters when I eat them, every time they're present my eyes light up, every time I smell them it is so tempting not to take one or two.

Slowly biting into the glorious gelatine confection, a cherry flavour bursts in my mouth! It’s as if you are crunching into a lavender bar of soap then eating a full basket of cherries then biting Parma Violets (nice.) 

In my opinion, they are a joy to my taste buds, a glory to my nose and a treat for my stomach. I love them they are my favourite.    

Surely you’d agree cherry lips are beautifully scented and delicately crafted! 

Crunching into yummy goodness oozing with cherry and smelling of lavender; a hard crunch as you bite into the red lips. Inserting them into my mouth is wonderful and delicious. They are a strong red colour and a strong berry flavour.

A fragrant jelly of delight! Are they made of real flowers?

Turns out they aren’t made of flowers :( 

All of a sudden, a burst of cherry explodes in my mouth. The only bad thing about cherry lips is that it gets stuck in your teeth and takes forever to get out but it's a great taste, yum. 

The ideal portion of these are not enough. Please try these amazing treats, you won’t regret it. They may be tiny but it can be very strong; an old classic that never gets old. Love them. Hope my work persuades you and it would be a delight once you try them. Enjoy and remember chew, chew and chew.