Making Meringues

By Blaidan

I have a memory of when I was in P5; Mrs Gauld, my friends and I had to make meringues for a school event. First, we had to separate the yolk and the egg white, Mrs Gauld said that the easiest way to do that is to get a small cup and put it on top of the yolk then collect the egg white. When we tried we messed up every time but when Emma tried she got just enough so that we could move on. The next step involved Harley whisking the egg white, when he finished the egg white looked so white and fluffy. After that, Bethlin slowly added the sugar, then Harley got to whisk it again. This time it looked really sticky and shiny. Next, we had to pipe the meringues onto the baking tray. We all got a turn of squeezing the piping bag. When we finished, Mrs Gauld put them in the oven. Half an hour later we went to check on them but when Mrs Gauld pulled them out they had burned! They looked like edible charcoal and they smelt like smoke. It turns out I read the Fahrenheit temperature instead of Centigrade. Mrs Gauld thought that we would need to re-do the recipe, however, Mrs Walker said that they would taste fine. They tasted O.K. and everyone liked them.