Manky Milk

By Emma, Kirkcaldy High School , aged 14

It was the October holidays of 2007 and I was at Wemys Bay with my mum, aunt and brother for a week holiday. I’ve always been a really picky eater and still am to this day so my mum would always find it hard to get me to eat breakfast.

One morning my mum gave me cereal which I surprisingly ate however the milk had gone sour but my mum and aunt never bothered to stop me as it was the first time I’d actually eaten a meal that had been put down for me. I can remember them sitting boaking at the smell and the fact I was actually eating sour milk with coco pops.

I ended up with food poisoning for a couple of days which wasn’t fun. To this day I can’t stand milk, even the smell of it puts me off.

I will never have milk again!