My Own Open Quesadilla

By Sonja, Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh

My parents always care for me, give me the right things so I can grow up smart, healthy – physically and mentally strong.

My family always cook together. We rarely go to restaurants but when we go to other places, we seem to end up always making our own food using different ingredients from different parts of the world. I love this with my family.

I love everything about cooking. From preparing the fresh ingredients, then serving the food and seeing everything eaten with enjoyment. Even peeling potatoes is an art to me!

Making breakfast for my family is one of the first meals I did all by myself as soon as my parents said it was safe for me to do so. Well, I thought, in return for all my parents' hard work, I will make my own quesadilla recipe. 

Quesadilla is a corn tortilla, filled with grated cheese, either folded in half or, in my own recipe, is left open, then grilled. Sometimes, we simply put the folded and filled tortilla on a slightly greased but hot pan to melt the cheese. We sometimes also fill it with leftover roast meat, scrambled eggs or tomatoes. My parents enjoy this dish – especially if it was made by me.

I also use unusual combinations, such as sliced grapes and olives – and it works! Try it yourselves!

There is a lot more to cooking quesadilla and sharing.

My mum and dad give me a part of them. So, in return, whenever I cook my quesadilla, I give them a part of me.