By Charlie-Ann

2015 January

Dear Diary,

Sorry, I’ve not written in a long time, I was very busy with Granny and my little brother Caelan.

On Monday, Caelan and I went for a sleepover. We all went to Morrison for shopping. As usual, Caelan went off doing... well, who knows. Meanwhile, Gran and I were looking for food we could have for dinner but we couldn’t find anything yet. Eventually, Caelan came back with gingerbread, Chippy menu, and sausage in beans. He went over to Gran and asked, “Can we have rolling things for dinner?”

“Aye of course we can,” Gran replied “that would be awfully fine.” When we got back to Gran's she said, “So we’re going to have wraps for dinner aye Caelan.”

“What are wraps,” he asked “we’re having rolling things.”

“Aye,” Gran whispered “wraps.”

Caelan wanted to make his first so he got tomato ketchup, 'tommy K' as he calls it, mayonnaise, brown sauce and garlic sauce out of the fridge. Then put large splodges all over the three slices of ham, with egg in the middle, he’d already put on the wrap. After he rolled his up we were allowed to make ours. Caelan took one bite and the sauce came dribbling right down to his elbows. Suddenly, he shook his hands and his water spilt all over the floor in a splash. Gran cleaned it up and Caelan settled down, but still made a mess, and we had a quiet evening.

Well, we had so much fun there. It was awesome. That’s all I have today. Bye.