Tea and toast

By Rachel, Kirkcaldy High School, aged 13

Do you want a cup of tea and a slice of toast? Those are the famous words you hear if you ever go to my great gran. Once I stayed there and I had 6 cups of tea and slices of toast. She is obsessed with tea! At breakfast she asks but you get 2 slices instead. Then at lunch, then at 2 o’clock, then after dinner, THEN at supper and finally before you go to bed. Usually my great gran makes her toast really golden brown and extremely dry with only a slither of butter but I’m picky about how my toast is and I typically make it myself. Also my tea has to be strong but not too strong and with semi-skimmed milk. My mum makes really weak tea and it is basically just discoloured water with a milk in it. I’ll never be bored of a good old-fashioned cup of English breakfast tea but I’ve never liked toast the same since.