The Feast

By Stephen

Watching the fireworks display on New Year’s morning is one of the best feelings that you will ever experience. Celebrating the start of a New Year, making New Year’s Resolutions and spending quality time as a family. After a while, once we all begin to yawn and face the struggle of keeping our eyes open, we depart from the sitting room and when we are in bed – we almost instantly fall asleep.

Awakening and rushing to get ready to visit my gran. We all run around frantically. If there’s anything my mum doesn’t like, it’s being disorganised. We listen to music from the 1990’s whilst travelling in the car. My brother David and I sing along to the upbeat music.

We arrive at the outskirts of Paisley, outside a row of flats. Opening the doors of the champagne coloured car, we bring out gifts from the boot. My brother is very clumsy. He has the ability to trip over anything and everything that is nearby. My mum rings the doorbell. My gran answers and opens the door, allowing us inside.

We hike up the dark stairs to be greeted by my gran. We exchange cuddles and kisses and wish each other a Happy New Year. We enter the sitting room and greet my papa. My mum and dad sit on a black leather couch, as do my brother and gran, I sit on a green leather sofa and my papa rests on the faded brown leather chair.

On the computer, I play music that my gran enjoys listening to. Her favourite artists are The Beatles and Queen. She also enjoys listening to Dolly Parton, on occasion.

At the New Year celebration I prepare drinks, essentially, I am the barman. I bring a glass of chilled apple cider for my dad, a glass of Southern Comfort diluted with lemonade for my mum, a bottle of beer for my papa, and for my gran I bring a glass of white wine. We laugh together and play charades. After a while, we soon leave the sitting room to enter what we call – The Steak Pie Room.

We enter the room decorated with white wallpaper. The crystal glasses sit, motionless. The deafening silence in the room becomes murmur. Once we are all seated, my gran enters the room carrying the mouth-watering plates filled with steak, sausage, pastry and the nicest gravy ever to be tasted. We all begin to eat the food. Enormous bowls filled with roasted potatoes, peas and onion rings follow.

The freshly pressed white napkins sit in the centre of the table. We drink apple or tomato juice with the meal. The net cover over the top of the brown mahogany table just waiting for a droplet of gravy to be spilled on it. Above us sits a large crystal and golden chandelier, reflecting all movement in the room.

We allow time for the steak pie to settle before my gran and I announce the desert. We eat either ice-cream, jelly, pavlova or profiteroles. The desert is one of the best parts of the day.

When the desert has been eaten, I assist my gran in bringing the dirty dishes into the kitchen and tidy the table away. The best part about the New Year is celebrating as a family. Every year I ask my gran the same question and she always gives me the same answer. I ask, “How do you make that Gran?”

Her reply every year is: “With a spoonful of hope, a lifetime of joy and a pot full of love and you will always make it right. You can always make a difference, any shape, any size!”