When Mum is away...

By Rosie, Cargilfield, aged 12

Mum is cook, and she cooks good food. Good being good for you. Good food for me would be things like macaroni cheese or lasagne or toad in the hole. Normally though, mum would cook something like spinach and artichoke bake or chickpea and radish soup. Like I said, she cooked food that is good for you. 

Well, very very occasionally mum has to go to a meeting or something, leaving dad in charge of supper. As soon as mum goes out the door, dad and I get to work. I go to the freezer and get out two of those huge curly sausages while dad gets the frying pan out and a can of spaghetti hoops.

Soon you can hear the sizzling of the sausages and the gentle bubbling of the hoops. My mouth starts watering as I lay the table. The kitchen smells amazing and even the dogs are drooling. The sausages are spitting like crazy, bullets of hot fat darting around the kitchen. I put the last knife on the table and the spitting is becoming more frequent and hoops are bubbling more and more and the dogs start drooling all over the floor and OH the smell, that delicious smell. My mind will be driven crazy if I don’t have something to eat soon.

Finally it is done and dad is dishing up very generous helpings. The plates are hot and I carry them quickly over to the table. I can’t wait any longer. Not even till my father sits down. I know it’s terribly bad manners but I can‘t help myself. I shove a huge mouthful of juicy sausage and spaghetti hoops into my mouth, savouring the amazing taste. Then comes another forkful and another and another. Very soon my plate is empty and my tummy is very full. I scrape up the last of the tomato sauce and lick my fork clean. The food feels warm and comforting in my stomach and soon I start to feel quite sleepy.

I help my father clear the table, then we head to the sitting room where we watch “Strictly come dancing!” We hear the sound of mum’s car coming up the drive. She comes in and sits on the sofa next to me, asking what we had for supper. Dad and I look at each other. How on earth are we going to get out of this one??!!!