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A Dog's Dinner!

Charlotte Bennie

Occasionally, we have a Big Nicht Oot, especially over the winter, what with the festive season and Burns’ Suppers. And, of course, Mr. Dog comes along. I once met a woman whose Guide Dog never accompanied her at evening functions; she felt he’d be too tired.

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animals, fine dining, Scots

A Picnic Triptych (on a twelve day pony trip)

Leonie Charlton

Day Four – Kintail to Kinloch Hourn

Suardalan Bothy, with its Rowan tree for shade and its enclosed field, is a perfect place to stop for lunch. They’ve been slow, steep miles since dawn-in-Kintail when Shuna and I tacked up the two ponies, their hooves glassy with dew, and the four of us are now famished.

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scotland, travel, hiking, nutrition, animals, companionship

A taste of liquid gold

Ruth Anderson, @RRudiB1

There she was, in the dark sticky crevice between the wooden frames. She moved slowly, surrounded by her retinue delicately cleaning and feeding her, whilst others stood guard – alert and attentive. I reached slowly into the gap, asking with my bare finger. She obliged, and I gently lifted her long, delicate body – revealing a regal beauty.

The day was warm and the clouds still, so I knew she wouldn’t get chilled. She seemed quite content resting on my finger, looking intently back at me with her dark orb eyes.

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animals, grow your own, health remedies, foraging

Banana Thief

Laura McLean

I am the proud owner of two beautiful male dumbo rats, also known as fancy rats. One a brown cinnamon called Beris, the other a grey and white Russian blue called Darios. I named them after two characters from two different novel series I am working on.

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animals, family, stories, nutrition, fruit, treats

Childhood Memories, A Kitchen Garden 1950

Elspeth Anderson

In the autumn of 1950 my family relocated to Temple Village. Our new home was an old stone cottage, roses round the door and an untamed garden. Post-war, government issue ration books were still required for groceries, just one shop in the street. Relatives in New York dispatched food parcels from overseas. Tinned fruit, peaches, apricots, biscuits – the delivery of the box caused great excitement.

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David Rae

When we moved into our new house, Mum insisted that we were not going to keep chickens. According to her, they were dirty, hard work and made a mess of the garden. So when we moved in, the chickens went to a better place, wherever that was. Dad was a bit unhappy, but Mum said it was just as easy to buy eggs at the shops, easier in fact, and she knew better than to believe him when he said that he'd clean out the chicken coop or that he'd get the children to do it.

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family, childhood, home, grow your own, memories, animals

Feeding the Food

Tina Biscuit

The snow lay deep, but not crisp, nor even.
I trudged on, no Wenceslas to follow.
Three sheep were lost, and that was my mission.
The farmer, who cared, had asked me to look.
Camouflage so poor, was working that day:
Off-white on white, concealing my quarry.
Temperatures tumbled, while futility knocked,
I stopped for a moment, ready to fail.

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Poem, animals, farming, nutrition, stories

Food Fantastic Food

Jess McGeachie

Food fantastic food! Takes me back to my childhood, growing up on Peathill farm Chryston, where my mum and dad worked very hard, feeding the animals and their own three children – Christine, Robert and myself.

Let me begin with our daily farm menu.

Breakfast was porridge, eggs and bacon, and with no heating in the farmhouse, it was a hearty meal to start the day. Off to school with bellies full, while mum and dad would set about feeding and milking the cattle, well, they have to be well fed too.

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Mind Full

I breathe in very lightly. The air feels cool and fresh. It fills the lungs and I feel alive.

It reminds me of the time when I panicked. Years ago, suddenly shocked when another car hit mine at speed. I could barely breathe for a few seconds.

I take a very small sip of water. The cold temperature comes through the glass and I feel it on my sensitive fingertips. The water cools my mouth and quenches my thirst.

I remember the story Dad told me. Breaking icicles formed on the cattle train in Siberia, in 1940. Life-saving ice-lollies.

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memories, mindfullness, comfort, animals

My Glasgow Pizza Hound

I know he is reaching his last days now. His belly is stretched like a tribal drum – slatey pink, over-strained. His eyes, deep with love in their chestnut core, rimmed with redness, weeping down his bicolour nose. His nose that has been his life.

That nose has never missed a scent – a crisp bag; a paper poke that once contained roll and sausage; a chocolate wrapper – every car passenger seat and door checked on arrival for their smells.

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animals, love, companionship, memories, scotland, friendship