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Aidy's First Christmas

Heather Hughes

I heard the car door slam. Dad’s home.

Although, of course, he wasn’t. It was the noise that had plagued my subconscious for over a month now. The sound that had once been so comforting to me, was now like a punch in the gut. I wondered if the noise did the same thing to the rest of the family. We’d lost Dad a month earlier. Lost sounds somewhat trivial, doesn’t it? Lost as though I’d been careless and he’d turn up eventually if I tidied my room. No, Dad had passed away and now we were a family of four. Mum, Jen, Iain and me.

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Banquet of my Mind


Inside of my head there are a dozen tables covered with red and purple silk cloths. Upon them, spread out, is a magnificent banquet of a variety of delicious, new ideas that have formed over time.

I still can't believe that this buffet of a mind belongs to me; at last I have a place in which I can rule as Queen.

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Bird's Dream Topping

Lesley Hendry

Toffee popcorn and juicy water stowed
Ready to set off on the sunny road
New beach shoes and bathing suit
Chosen themselves, but oh so cute
Little ones landed on the beach with glee
Eyes wide, fascinated by rolling sea
Buckets and spades tumbled down together
As little legs toddled hell for leather
Into the water with shrieks and gasps
Nana running, a hand of each she grasps
As rolling waves break, the trio jump
Until the youngest takes the hump
Tiring, soaked and a little chilled
Sand castles and moats, really thrilled

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Charlotte & The Potato

from Charlotte & The Charlatan – and other cautionary tales

Lottie liked potatoes.
She liked them quite a lot.
She cooked them by the plateful;
she cooked them by the pot.

She loved the musical ones –
Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi;
savoured Harmony and Melody well;
Nicola, Nadine and Annabelle.

Oval, long, or round,
she’d buy them by the pound.
Fluffy, smooth, firm to the bite,
she’d purchase every type:

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Kate Durie

It was the summer of 1969, the skirts shorter than ever, the new university campus sprinkled with sunbathing students like a cake sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, the sense of possibility heavier than the cannabis in the air. We – the girls among us - celebrated with competitive slimming; to be scrawny-thin was to be beautiful, or at least as beautiful as it could get, never realising that youth and health were all it took. I found a calorie chart and diet that promised a dramatic weight loss on 450 calories a day. Apple, natural yogurt, crispbread and not much more.

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Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Troon?

Morag Driver

As the week progressed, too slowly for our liking, our childish excitement would almost reach fever pitch. How our parents put up with us, I will never know. “Are we going to Troon on Sunday, mum?”, “Can we go to the beach, please?” I don’t know how it had ever come about, or who had originally arranged it, but every Sunday during the summer months during the 1960’s – twenty of our relatives, cousins and their respective parents – would fill the various cars and drive down the Ayrshire coast to the small town of Troon. It wasn’t even a very long journey.

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Food for Thought

Leslie Lumb

After buying many household goods from Sterling, way back in the 1980s, I was invited every year to their showroom. They were giving huge reductions to their loyal customers who purchased many goods; including beds, wall units, cabinets, wardrobes etc. The food that was laid out was of high quality, with musical entertainment making the evening very relaxed and enjoyable. The Aperitifs consisted of salmon, prawn and rare cheeses all washed down with red and white wine.

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Fruits of the Earth

William Graham

Die Fruchte der Erde in a flourish,
Objective being the world to nourish
He perceived all greatness spread before him and all those wonderous dishes,
But did they have the power and presence of two loaves and five fishes?

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I Used to Feed My Belly; Now I Nourish My Body

Food was always at the centre of quality family time in our house – from our Friday Film night, with the four of us all huddled on the sofa; to Mum’s epic Sunday fry-up – it was always an event. All of our dinners during the week were had at the table so we could take it in turns to talk about our day over our meal. In some ways, this element of breaking bread hasn’t changed for us, but we’re doing our breaking these days without the actual bread.

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Nourishment for Life

Wyrd Woman

You left the States in the 70's
soon longed for salads and Hellmans,
feared you would struggle to
fit in and excite your appetite
in a land of grey sky thinking.

Yet you danced proud on this shore,
cooked from your wholesome core,
nourished our family with spiritual
pot roasts of melting, juicy beef
bathed in juices

so earthy, sweet and grounding.
Yet spiritually enlivening,
surely a secret incantation was uttered when
you stirred such magic filled meals?

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