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A Disappointment

Brodie walked home from school. It wasn't far, but it was all up hill. Even though he lived close to the school and walked down hill in the mornings, he was always late. Could never decide what he wanted for breakfast in the two hours between getting up and the school bell going off. It was always last minute and rushed. Sometimes there was just too much to choose from, if mum had just been shopping and he couldn't make his mind up between lovely buttery crumpets, posh chocolate rolls from France that left flakes all over his mouth and jumper, or even eggs and sizzling bacon.

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parenthood, childhood, kindness, food choices, hunger

A One Woman Cottage Industry

Alan Ling

When I think of food I often think of my mum.

Folk say “ye cannae beat your ma's cooking”, and I find that statement most agreeable when I look back at all the soups, stews, roasts, curries, salads and cakes she whipped up for our wee family.

I love food, and at 33 years old I will eat and enjoy pretty much anything – be it the filthy (battered macaroni cheese), the pretentious (flavoured ‘foams’) or the rather unnecessary (rancid shark meat).

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A Vegetarian at Steak

I’m a vegetarian,
I don’t eat meat, 
I don’t miss lamb chops
and no, I don’t bleat.
I don’t regret not chewing
on a nice sirloin steak,
I’d rather have nut cutlets,
or a broccoli pasta bake.
The smell of smoked bacon
sizzling loudly in the pan
Might weaken the will
of a much lesser man,
but not me - I’m a vegetarian!
I don’t miss gnawing
on racks of barbecued ribs.
A nice crunchy celery is better,
-   no fibs!
I once was quite keen
on huge black pudding rolls,

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Poem, vegetarian, meat, food choices

Can you keep a secret?

Stuart McQueen

I’ve got a surprise for you...
If I tell you a secret,
Can you keep it?

I like ham and pineapple pizzas as it tastes so good.
I love boiled fish in a bag, it’s my favourite kind of food.
Home-made soup, potato and leek.
Cheesecake and pineapple cake “Yum” any day of the week!

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Poem, food choices, treats

Charlotte & The Potato

from Charlotte & The Charlatan – and other cautionary tales

Lottie liked potatoes.
She liked them quite a lot.
She cooked them by the plateful;
she cooked them by the pot.

She loved the musical ones –
Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi;
savoured Harmony and Melody well;
Nicola, Nadine and Annabelle.

Oval, long, or round,
she’d buy them by the pound.
Fluffy, smooth, firm to the bite,
she’d purchase every type:

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Poem, cooking, potatoes, recipe, feast, diet, stories, food choices, sea

Dear Coconut

Lauren Brown

You really are totally rank
Even the thought of you makes me gag
If I see you in the shop it won’t break the bank
That Indian I had was seriously bad

Wherever you are you can't be disguised
You make my stomach acid rise
Even in a burning candle you’ll make me run a mile
You defiantly won’t be in my cupboards for awhile

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Poem, food choices

Food for Thought

Patricia Dickson

Food, or at least hunger, is probably our first sensation, and between then and shuffling off this mortal coil, food plays a fairly dominant part in our lives.

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Fridge Pear

Debbie Kelly

“I bought you one of those fridge pears –”

“...and Dad got you some salad and a few peppers, I don’t like peppers, well, it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that they come back on me.”

I have just split up with my fiancé after eight pleasantly tumultuous years and I am back living with my parents for the first time since I was sweet seventeen.

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Just mince!

Flora Petrie

I picked up a wee supermarket leaflet. I really quite enjoy looking at them, even if it is about some odd thing I’d never make or buy, like freeze dried lemon rind. It’s a must-have store cupboard essential, seemingly. Anyhow, the leaflet had a picture of a big steaming red casserole dish, labelled ‘Comfort Food’; but the so-called ‘Comfort Food’ was mince and tatties! I couldn’t believe it. How could anybody possibly think there was anything the least bit comforting about mince?

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Letter to the past

Dear self of 25 years ago,

Suddenly I wish to speak to you.

I have always thought that things like time travel were pointless and, to be honest, they spoil everything.

I mean, the future is built day by day... I would never allow anyone to try to convince me that the script of my life has been decided and cannot be changed.

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love, kindness, family, food choices, dieting, comfort